Navigating Mental Health: Insights from an Intake Manager

Mental health issues affect individuals from all walks of life, and seeking help can be a crucial first step towards healing and growth. As the Intake Manager at TrueCandor Behavioral Health, I have had the privilege of assisting countless individuals on their journey towards bettering their mental health. In this blog post, I will provide insights and perspectives from the unique role of an intake manager, shedding light on what it takes to seek help, the intake process, and the support available to those in need.

Seeking help often involves a degree of self-awareness. And self-awareness requires that someone have the ability to recognize and acknowledge their mental health concerns, and prioritize their mental health as an essential part of their overall well-being. Because of the many times I have witnessed the transformative power of individuals finally receiving the support they need, I will always encourage those I come in contact with in my role to embrace caring for their mental health in the same way they care for their physical health!

Many people reaching out for help with our office are often dealing with emotional distress. As the Intake Manager and first point of contact, I strive to respond in a timely manner while offering a safe and supportive space where clients can express their concerns and fears. The intake process includes collecting essential and sometimes personal information regarding their needs, as well as administrative information about their age, insurance policy, appointment availability, and whether they want in-person or virtual sessions. Asking these relevant questions allows me to match them with the appropriate mental health clinician within our practice. My goal is to always convey support and empathy throughout the intake process, and this collaborative effort ensures that clients receive tailored care based on their specific needs and preferences.

One of the most common barriers new clients encounter when seeking help involves finances. Cost often poses a significant barrier to mental health care, and it is because of this that I inform clients upfront of the insurances our practice accepts, and subsequently direct them to our billing department to verify their financial responsibility prior to scheduling. This allows clients the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether or not the cost is within their budget, and alleviates the stress of them later finding out they cannot financially afford their care. 

At TrueCandor, we are well aware of the impact of language and cultural factors on mental health treatment, therefore I make sure to place clients with clinicians that fit their cultural, community and language needs whenever possible. We have multiple bilingual staff to ensure clients whose primary language is not English are equally taken care of. Additionally, we are equipped with an extensive network of resources and can provide information and referrals for support groups, educational materials, and other local community providers if needed. Our goal is to always ensure that our clients get their needs met, even if we aren’t the ones meeting them!

In my role as Intake Manager, I have witnessed the transformative power of seeking help and the positive impact of receiving mental health treatment. By promoting understanding, encouraging open conversations, and providing resources, Intake Managers and Coordinators like myself play a vital part in helping and guiding people towards the assistance they need. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please know that there is help available! Reach out, let your voice be heard, and take the first step on your path to well-being. 

Remember, seeking help is a courageous step towards a brighter future, and we here at TrueCandor Behavioral Health can’t wait to be a part of it!